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K+ Pressure Filter range of pressurized filter systems:

  • Uses K+ filter media for dramatically improved biological filtration compared to using beads
  • Multi-port valve and blower included with all models 
  • Blower used during cleaning cycle 
  • Large clear viewing lid on top of the filter 
  • Improved flow through K+ filter media 




Water is pumped into the filter from the pond through the multi-port valve where the internal pipework directs the water to the bottom of the unit. As the water flows upwards inside the K+ Pressure Filter, dirt, debris and waste are trapped within the mass of K+ filter media. The vast protected surface area provided by K+ Media also provides a home for the beneficial bacteria, along with filter feeders such as Vorticella and Rotifiers delivering mechanical and biological filtration.


The filtered water flows back into the pipework at the top of the unit, through the multi-port valve and back down the return line into the pond. The K+ Pressure filter is incredibly easy to clean, by simply moving the handle on the multi-port valve into the corresponding positions to perform a backwash and a rinse of the K+ media.


The K+ Pressure Filter is operated by a multi-port valve. This multi-port valve functions by pushing down on the handle, turning it and relocating it into one of the operating positions shown on the multi-port valve (see figure 7). The valve must always be operated with the circulating pump switched off. The ball valve positioned below the air blower must be closed when the pump is running. Below we offer an explanation of each of the multi-port valve’s functions:


1) FILTER: Incoming water from the pond enters the MPV at point (A) (see figure 8). The water enters the vessel at point (D) then flows upwards through the K+ Micro filter media to the top exit bar (B). The filtered water is returned through the multi-port valve at point (C) and back into the pond.


2) BACKWASH: This is the position the multi-port valve should be in for cleaning the K+ Micro filter media. With the valve in this position, water flow is reversed through the filter bed so that the water flow is directed to the top of the unit (B) and exits the unit at (D) and goes out to the waste line (E).


3) RINSE: This is the position the multi-port valve should be in for agitating the K+ filter media. With the valve in this position, air (supplied by the air blower) is used to agitate the filter media. Later on in the cleaning process, water is used to rinse the K+ Media and exit to waste (E).


4) WASTE: This is the position the multi-port valve should be in to allow water to by-pass the filter bed and drain towaste (E). With the multi-port valve in this position, the water flow is directed straight to waste by-passing the unit. This function can be used to lower the water level or for vacuuming your pond without soiling the filter.


5) RE-CIRCULATE: This is the position the multi-port valve should be in to allow water to completely by-pass the filter. With the valve in this position, water is pumped from the pond to the multi-port valve and directly back to the pond, without flowing through the K+ Pressure Filter. This is particularly handy if you are treating your pond.


6) CLOSED: This is the position the multi-port valve should be in for closing all flow to the filter. This position is not to be used with the pump running. Do not operate the multi-port valve with the circulating pump switched on. The ball valve must be closed when the circulating pump is running.


**It is recommended that all pipework on the pump side (from the pump to the filter and back to the pond) is installed on 2” pipe. Please note on the K+Pressure Filter you will have to reduce your pipe down to 1½” to connect to the multi-port valve. This will ensure that your pump is working at its maximum flow.



Products Available

  • K+ Pressure Filter 15” 2,400 Gallons #K+PressureFilter2400
  • K+ Pressure Filter 18” 3,600 Gallons #K+PressureFilter3600
  • K+ Pressure Filter 20” 4,800 Gallons
  • #PFKE50015M25US
  • K+ Pressure Filter 24” 9,600 Gallons
  • #PFKE60020M25US
  • K+ Pressure Filter 30” 14,500 Gallons #PFKE75020M25US
  • K+ Pressure Filter 36” 24,000 Gallons #PFKE90020M25US


Model Max. pond size Diameter Volume of K+ Media Multi-port Valve size Air Blower size Flow Rate
#K+PressureFilter2400 2,400 US Gallons 15" 25 litres / 0.88 cu. ft. 1½” 200W 1500-2400 GPH
#K+PressureFilter3600 3,600 US Gallons 18" 30 litres / 1.06 cu. ft. 1½” 200W 2400-3600 GPH
#K+PressureFilter4800 4,800 US Gallons 20” 50 litres / 1.77 cu. ft. 1½” 200W 3600-4800 GPH
#K+PressureFilter9600 9,600 US Gallons 24" 100 litres / 3.53 cu. ft. 2” 300W 4800-6000 GPH
#K+PressureFilter14000 14,500 US Gallons 30" 150 litres / 5.28 cu. ft. 2” 300W 5000-6500 GPH
#K+PressureFilter24000 24,000 US Gallons 36" 250 litres / 8.83 cu. ft. 2” 300W 5500-7000 GPH



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