Pond Maintenance

Pond Cleaning

Bring your pond to its former glory with a thorough pond cleaning. Total Pond clean out includes:

  • Draining the pond
  • Catching fish if present
  • Rinsing bigger rocks.
  • Rinsing gravel
  • Cleaning filter and skimmer, if installed
  • Pump check
  • Cutting back/removing dead pond plants
  • Adding salt/ De-chlorinator if needed
  • Adding first dose of beneficial bacteria
House Calls/Consultations start at $300.00 plus Applicable Tax
This includes any time we come to the site, for consultation or estimate. This price will be credited to the total cost of service if you decide to hire us.
Total Pond Clean outs start at $1,200.00 plus Applicable Tax

 Other Services

  • Pond Repairs
  • Pump Diagnosis
  • Leak Diagnosis
  • Equipment Installation
  • Upgrades
Please email your questions and pond pictures to info@pugetsoundponds.com

Release of Liability ❯

Although we take extra care to keep your fish safe and free of harm during your pond's clean out, we cannot guarantee their health or safety. Puget Sound Ponds does not, at any time, take responsibility for the health or safety of your fish and will not be held liable for the health, safety or physical well being of your fish. Our trained staff will use all of their skilled knowledge to properly clean and service your pond.

Puget Sound Ponds does not, at any time, take responsibility for any structural, mechanical issues, or leaks that may arise after the pond is cleaned and refilled. 

All rights reserved by: Puget Sound Ponds

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